How Can We Assist in Hair re-growth?

The break-off and regrowth of the scalp and hair are normal; however, if hair loss increases/the hair becomes thinner, it should be treated as soon as possible. And it’s advised not to believe in any folk remedies or methods without any proved study and practice, so as not to miss the best treatment period. On some occasions, such remedies may cause worse hair loss.

There are many types of abnormal hair loss. We will formulate the most appropriate treatment according to the abnormal hair loss, the patient’s living conditions, and have someone carry out follow up after completing the treatment.

  • Treatment of dysplasia of the scalp, such as infection, inflammation and so on
  • Treatment of keratin and grease metabolites that accumulate and block hair follicles
  • Conditioning/maintenance of scalp health to give hair a healthy re-growth environment
  • Control of abnormal hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia
  • Using FDA-certified instruments to activate shrinking hair follicles and lab-validated formulations to promote hair re-growth
  • Consolidation of hair follicles and restoration of hair growth

Product service price:

Anti-hair loss / hair growth: 450-980 / time

Scalp treatment:380-780/time

Hair care: 250-680 / time

Hair color: 380-580 / time