Problems frequently occurring to the hair and scalp:

Greasy hair, excessive dandruff, head marks, scalp inflammation, abnormal hair loss, etc. It is normal for the scalp to secrete oil. However, long-term grease secretion, coupled with improper care, easily causes grease to block hair follicles or inflammation, and even hair loss.

1. O2 pressure pen
Oxygen and a special essence formula are sprayed on the scalp by means of air pressure, which effectively removes residual grease and cutin, prevents hair follicles from clogging, moisturizes the scalp, increases oxygen content, and is suitable for any property of the scalp.

2. Three-color light-effect RF
It helps tighten the skin, strengthen the scalp, repair aging, relax the scalp, and consolidate the hair roots.

3. DRS
It stimulates the scalp, re-opens the hair follicles, accelerates metabolism and blood circulation without damaging the scalp tissue, and enhances the absorption of hair products on the scalp.

4. Microcurrent instrument
It effectively activates cells, accelerates scalp blood circulation, promotes metabolism, dredges channels and collaterals by producing micro-electric stimulation of the scalp and stimulates the vitality of hair follicles through targeted and quantified supply of multiple nutrients directly to deep cells to optimize the hair growth environment, and consolidate hair roots, and promote the absorption of oxygen and energy by the scalp.

5. Beam hair re-growth equipment
The low-energy red light of 655nm interferes with the degenerative and rest periods of the hair, returning the hair follicles to a healthy growth cycle.

6. Laser hair re-growth equipment
The 650nm low-energy laser penetrates the scalp 3-5nm to reach the hair follicle, stimulating the glandular granules of the cells at the bottom of the hair follicle to produce cell growth energy for hair re-growth.

7. Nano-induction machine
The nanomachine converts the product particles into 0.26 nanometer particles by high-pressure atomization, which helps the product to penetrate and be absorbed easily.

1. Stimulate the permeability of blood vessels and cell membranes to allow nutrients to be transported more efficiently, giving the hair the nutrients needed for its healthy growth.
2. Stimulate blood circulation, prevent hair loss, and reduce 5α reductase and grease secretion, to prevent hair follicle miniaturization.
3. Assist in metabolism and strengthening hair follicles.
4. Strengthen young and fragile hair, regulate and strengthen the scalp with free radical fighters.
5. Make keratin protein-rich and enhance the hair shaft.
6. Featuring anti-sensitive, anti-bacterial and anti-erythema properties, and can tighten and purify the scalp.
7. It does not contain the following chemical ingredients to avoid skin sensitivity: foaming agent of laureth sodium/preservatives of laureth sulfate/mineral (oily softening ingredients)/animal protein/colorant.
8. It is certified upon dermatological testing.

1. Oil control and moisturizing formula to avoid blocking of the hair follicle by solid grease.

2. Anti-allergic calming formula
Relieves the scalp from sensitive discomfort.

3. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial formula
For the treatment of the scalp and hair follicle inflammation.

4. Anti-hair loss formula
Extracted from pure natural herbal essences; it can effectively promote blood circulation of the scalp and help the hair to grow healthily.

5. Microbiological test, ILAC MRA Certification.

6. Natural herbal extracts, no harmful ingredients.