Clinical Hair Therapy Nursing Center (CHTNC) provides professional treatment and technical services for all kinds of hair and scalp problems. Enjoying years of practice and experience, knowledge and expertise, the team is dedicated to offering services for different customers with better quality and safety.


Anti-hair loss

Help and protect your hair from abnormal loss

Hair re-growth

Inhibit metabolic waste DHT that is harmful to hair follicles, supplement nutrition and activate hair follicles

Scalp care

Treat and regulate unhealthy scalp, and strengthen and stabilize scalp regrowth

Organic hair treatment

Healthy hair care with French Organic Certificate

Ammonia-free hair dye

Herbal extracts produced according to the highest safety standards in Italy contain multivitamins, carotene, omega 6 and 9, and essential fatty acids


I will definitely recommend it to my friends for the excellent service and attitude.

Penny Wong

I was worrying about my hair loss and didn't think that there was a solution. However, after 20 sessions of treatment, my hair is growing to my satisfaction. The service is professional and careful.

Ad Chan

I had experienced anti-hair loss treatments in other companies and didn't feel good. This time my friend recommended CHTNC to me and in the whole process I felt good and comfortable; the most important thing was the reasonable price and discount for new customers. I highly recommend it!

Yuji Hoshino

I have been undergoing hair treatment in another chain store of a similar type for the last 10 years. Now at CHTNC, the price is almost the same, but my hair is obviously softer and more smooth, so I recommend Clinical Hair!

Ceci Man

Hair loss/hair growth treatment

Hair loss/hair growth treatment

Scalp treatment

Hair care